Mother and Daughter Pair Stay Optimistic in the Face of Breast Cancer

While one in eight women will get breast cancer, the diagnosis doesn't prevent them from living a full life. According to the Triple Negative Breast Cancer Foundation, of the women diagnosed, 10 to 20 percent have triple negative breast cancer. This tricky form of the disease is so named because the tumor does not respond to treatment that targets progesterone, estrogen or HER2 receptors. However, a triple negative tumor does respond to chemotherapy.

According to Orlando Fox affiliate WOFL, Emily Carnes has this rare type of cancer. But that's not where the peculiarities end. Carnes is only 18 years old, and the chances of getting breast cancer around that age is only about 18 in 1 million. Carnes found the lump in her breast on her 18th birthday, and the size grew rapidly. She began chemotherapy treatment to fight the disease, a measure that would cause her to lose her hair.

"Having cancer isn't depressing to me," Carnes told the source.  "It's a milestone I have to get through, but the one thing that would hurt is losing my hair."

The high school senior decided to shave her head before the chemo took her hair. This bold move is just one example of the strength Carnes has. And she has to be strong, because her mother, Kendra Carnes, was also diagnosed with triple negative breast cancer. She has yet to begin treatment, but the two brave women will support each other through the journey. 

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