Heartbreaking: Mom Sings To Her Dying Daughter In The Hospital

Eighteen-year-old Lindsey Lourenco battled cancer for years, with her loving and supportive family by her side through it all. Even when it looked like there was nothing else that could be done for her, her family did their best to make her feel comfortable and well-loved. Even through a devastating diagnosis and a difficult struggle against her disease, her family would not give up on her.

When she fell into a coma, Lindsay’s dad said, “I truly believe that she can hear her mother singing and feel the love all around her. I can’t help but think that even in the most difficult and painful time of our lives, there are moments of beauty and powerful, unconditional love.”

Her mother bared her heart and soul by singing to Lindsey in the hospital.

Lindsey later passed away peacefully, in the company of the family that she loved and who loved her back more than we’re capable of knowing.

The undying love and devotion of Lindsey’s incredible parents live on.

Watch this poignant moment between mother and daughter.

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