Motorcycle Group Set to Ride Across Maryland For Breast Cancer Awareness

Breast cancer affects so many women and their loved ones that tons of people across the country are working toward raising money to help combat the disease. According to the Capital Gazette, a global fraternity called the Navy Chiefs is set to take part in the Ride Across Maryland event on May 31 to raise money to fight breast cancer.

The event has raised more than $2 million in the 13 years the ride has taken place, according to the source. The Navy Chiefs also have contributed more than $77,000 to the cause since 2010.

"It's the bikers," Dick Gelfman, of Ride Across Maryland, told the source. "This is what they do, this is what they love doing, raising money for worthwhile causes. It's not us, it's the bikers, they do all the hard work."

The Ride Across Maryland is looking for additional participants and groups of all sizes to join the ride. It is able to give grants to various research and nonprofit organizations with the funds raised. So far for this year's ride, the Navy Chiefs is the second highest earning fundraising team and the Lonsmen is in the first spot.

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