These Hospitals Are Going Above And Beyond In The Most Awesome Way!

Wyoming Symphony Orchestra Partnered with Wyoming Medical Center to provide live music

As part of a new music therapy initiative, the community orchestra has partnered with the local hospital to provide live shows once a quarter. The music therapy program is part of a bigger push to care for the whole patient – mind, body, and soul. Music helps fill in the gaps where medical science can’t reach. Musicians Turner and Walker have said they can see people light up when they play, and there is just something so soothing about hearing live music. Listen for yourself!

Ukulele Kids Club

Guitarist Corey Bergman lost his son to a viral infection in 2010. To help him heal, he volunteered to play guitar at the local children’s hospital. The kids loved him, and wanted to play his guitar, but it was too big for most of the kids. Thus, Corey got the idea to donate ukuleles to kids staying in the hospital. To date, there have been 500 ukuleles donated to over 80 hospitals. In Corey’s own words, “We’re not curing any diseases, we’re just making everybody feel good.” See the full story below!

The Breast Cancer Site is a place where supporters and survivors come together to help fight breast cancer. In addition to sharing personal stories of hope, shopping for the cause, and signing petitions, visitors can take just a moment each day to click on a pink button to provide free mammograms for women in need. Visit The Breast Cancer Site and click today - it's free!
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