My Cancer Story – by Lisa Hunt

My name is Lisa, and in 2006 I found out I had Melanoma cancer in my neck and had several surgeries to remove it. Glad to say I am okay today. On December 24th 2009 I got the phone call that I have breast cancer stage II. I knew as soon as I found the lump that it was indeed cancer, I knew this in my heart. I was sent in less than a week to Anchorage to see this cancer doctor to go over my options. I choose to have a Lumpectomy.

On January 22,2010 I had surgery and all went well I am now about 2 chemo’s away from being finished, then have 6 weeks of radiation. This has put a lot of stress on me and my family. Both my parents passed from cancer lung and melanoma, so I was pretty scared. I had the genetic testing to see if I carry the cancer gene and that came back negative thank goodness. There is so much cancer on my mom’s side of the family 5 of her 7 sisters have had or passed away from some form of cancer.

I have a lot to live for and I know that I will beat this illness and live a full life.If you have a history of cancer please get the genetic testing done so you will know and your children will know what they need to do to help prevent this. Hope this story helps you in some way..

In this picture as my hair was falling out, I decided to have my son shave the rest off…now that is power…

story submitted by Lisa Hunt
Saint Petersburg, FL

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