My Faith is Stronger!!!

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My journey started in February of 2011. I went in for a routine mammogram, and they ended up doing three. I knew something was wrong right away. The radiologist wanted to talk to my husband and me together. The mammograms showed I had a mass on my right breast the size of a silver dollar. The radiologist called my primary care physician and got approval to do an ultrasound and needle biopsy immediately, and we were told to wait to see the surgeon for my results.

The surgeon diagnosed Stage II breast cancer. I underwent radiation and chemo, and got through it with the love of my family and friends. In January of 2012, I started a new journey when I was diagnosed with Stage 4 metastatic brain cancer. Now I’m fighting a new battle, with a survivor scar on my head that my hair is growing over.

It’s so important to do monthly self-breast exams and get your mammograms done regularly! Save your life and fight strong! Take care and God bless.

Love, Aloha, & Blessings,
Paulette S.
Louisville, KY

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