My Mother, My Sunshine

I was lucky enough to have a strong, kind woman in my life to teach me right from wrong. My mother was diagnosed with breast cancer at the age of 53 and although she underwent treatment, the cancer returned and spread. She always had a smile on her face, despite the rough treatments. Despite refusing to hear the doctor’s diagnoses, she knew deep down inside what was happening. And despite knowing that she was dying, she kept laughing, kept smiling, stayed happy, and most importantly stayed strong and optimistic.

A week before she died on November 14, 2011 she told me within a few months she’d be back on her feet although she was already in a wheelchair. She was simply an inspiration. When undergoing chemotherapy she would encourage other cancer patients to stay optimistic and motivated that they’d beat the disease. She refused to allow others around her to treat her as though she were sick and insisted everyone treat her normally because she didn’t give in to the disease. Although the cancer did eventually win the war, my mother won many battles against it. I am proud to have had a mother that looked cancer in the face and said “screw you.”

I choose to share my mother’s story with others to show that having a positive outlook and staying strong changes everything. It not only affects the way you deal with having this horrid disease, but it also affects how others around you deal with it. My mother was and still is an absolute inspiration, and look at it as you will, I see it that she beat cancer in the long run, because she never gave up. She will always be my sunshine.

Arad, Israel

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