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I had my normal mammogram in March of ’11, everything looked good. Lost my dad in May of ’11, then found a lump in my right breast in June ’11…I didn’t think much about it since my mammogram came out fine, but I went to my Dr. along with a bunch of tests anyways. Them came the news, I have breast cancer…how can that be within just a few months??? (They say the stress of loosing someone is a big factor in women and breast cancer) I was devestated, on the silent ride home, still in shock, I could see the disbelief in my husbands eyes, how am I going to tell my boys? Both boys were at the house when we got home, yes they are both adults, but how are they gonna take the news.. When I told them, I could see them both holding back the tears, also in disbelief..
Within a few days, I was to see a specialist, (I’ve never seen the Doc’s up here in northern Maine work so fast). By the time I’d seen the specialist, my lump doubled in size. Doc said I was stage 3/4, they tested my nodes, and 14 of the 16 were cancerous… and my chances of servival were very slim, (7%)…Surgery was immediately scheduled, and I was in surgery within a few days..
I don’t remember much after that,. ready to give up, my daughter-in-law blessed us with a new grand-daughter, and it was like a light bulb hit me, she was my inspiration, my need to fight.. Now done with all my treatments, I thank god that he gave me the streangth to make it through the surgery, and the will to fight with all I have…`

Caribou, ME

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