My Wife: Cancer Warrior

My inspirational survivor of breast cancer is my wife, Kimberly. At 47, she is a full time college student with dreams of teaching elementary school math and working in the education system. Two years ago, we received the news that she had been diagnosed with Stage 1 breast cancer. After I heard the news, I cried and wondered what I was going to do. So many emotions flooded my brain. But Kim knew what she was going to do, place her faith in God and let Him take care of the rest. Through chemo treatments and radiation treatments, Kim sat out a semester of college and in some ways should have probably sat out another semester. But instead of doing nothing, she got back on her feet and started the spring semester at the local college and now is within one year of graduating. Coincidentally, she will graduate college 30 years after graduating high school and three years since being diagnosed with breast cancer and three years being a breast cancer survivor. She is an inspiration to me, her husband, friends and fellow students. She has battled other health issues during this time and continues to push toward the goal she has set. Her cancer has taught me to make pink a part of my life and to tell others, especially men how cancer has affected our lives and to never give up.

Roderick A. Mullins
VWise, VA

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