National Breast Cancer Coalition Hopes to Set Research Agenda

Instead of giving the power of breast cancer research to the scientists, the National Breast Cancer Coalition wants the group’s leaders to determine how the money for research is spent. According to NPR, the federal government has spent more than $3 billion on breast cancer research for the last few decades without finding a cure, which has caused the NBCC to want to take action in eradicating breast cancer.

The NBCC is an advocacy group that lobbies in Congress to get more federally appointed money for breast cancer research. However, disappointed in the results and progress of breast cancer research, the group wants to talk with scientists studying the disease.

“We decided we could no longer afford to have the scientists set the agenda, and that we were going to decide what questions need to be answered,” Fran Visco, president of the NBCC told NPR.

The disease kills thousands of women each year, and coalition board member Joy Simha said that she’s at a phase in her life where she’s tired of losing her friends. 

The NBCC set a deadline to have its leaders sit down to talk with the scientists studying breast cancer. The deadline has been set for January 2020. The group’s goal is not to completely eradicate breast cancer by 2020 but to determine how to end the disease before then.

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