Love Your Skin! Take A Look At These 10 Natural Skin Care Remedies

There are a lot of suggestions out there for natural skincare. From oils to herbs to common kitchen staples, these natural remedies run the gamut from interesting to crazy — and they’re not always backed by science. Is honey really good for your skin? What about argan oil?

Here’s a quick list of 10 natural remedies that have been shown to help keep your skin healthy. You can mix some of them together for DIY face masks, combine a few of them into a body scrub, or even use some of them on their own.



The lactic acid in yogurt gently exfoliates your skin and in turn, brightens your complexion. Because of its thick and creamy texture, yogurt can be an ideal ingredient in face masks. It has a low concentration of acid, so it’s good for sensitive skin — but if you want a more powerful natural ingredient, try buttermilk.



The antimicrobial properties in honey help kill the bacteria that cause blemishes. It’s been used as a medical treatment for thousands of years, and when applied topically, creates a breathable barrier that assists in healing wounds. It can also reduces inflammation of the skin, making it a viable option for people who have eczema. Spot treat with honey or use it in a mask.

Tea Bags



Get rid of puffy eyes with steeped tea bags. Caffeinated tea bags can constrict blood vessels (thereby reducing puffiness) while herbal tea bags contain components that alleviate redness and inflammation. White tea has the highest number of antioxidants and caffeine. Steep your tea as usual, then toss the bags in the fridge to cool before placing them on your eyes for a few minutes. (Learn more about the amazing benefits of tea here!)

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