Love Your Skin! Take A Look At These 10 Natural Skin Care Remedies



Like honey, aloe can help treat wounds. Because of its anti-inflammatory properties, it can alleviate the pain associated with minor burns. Studies have also shown that it may also be effective against psoriasis, seborrhea, dandruff, minor skin abrasions, sunburn, and skin irritations that comes as a side effect of radiation. Don’t apply it to severe burns or deep cuts, however. It’s available in gels and creams, but you can also get aloe directly from the plant by breaking off a piece and rubbing the juice on your skin.

Tea Tree Oil


Tea tree oil can be an effective treatment for acne and athlete’s foot. In one study, using a 5% tea tree oil gel on acne prone skin alleviated the severity of the acne. In another study on athlete’s foot, a 10% tea tree oil cream can soothed the symptoms, while a higher concentration (25% or 50%) was needed to cure the infection.



Ahh, oatmeal. It’s more than just a delicious breakfast. Colloidal oatmeal can be used as a natural cleanser, and also helps lock in moisture. Take an oatmeal bath to relieve itchy skin, mix it in with a sugar scrub, or combine with a natural oil to create your own exfoliant scrub.


C. Kramer is back in the Mitten State after a brief residency in the Sunshine State. She has an adorable dog-child, and enjoys reading, writing, going to the theatre, and finding pins on Pinterest. Her mother is a breast cancer survivor.