New App Helps Guide Breast Cancer Patients

Health startup company Willowglade Technologies plans to release a new app called My Breast Cancer Journey. According to MedCityNews, the app will be available on iOS and Android devices. 

The source stated that the developers wanted to create a guide for breast cancer patients to make it easier for them to navigate their treatment process. Developer John Papandrea also wants the app to serve as a support network for breast cancer patients.

The app will help users keep track of their tests and treatments. Similar to Facebook, breast cancer patients will also have the option to choose what information they want to share with friends and family. 

My Breast Cancer Journey will take users through the various stages of treatment. The app tells breast cancer patients when their disease is in remission but may return and also reminds them to update medical tests. 

With more than 250 apps available in the Google store on Android devices, companies are searching for more ways to make their programs stand out. Other breast cancer apps similar to My Breast Cancer Journey include My Breast Cancer Treatment Coach and Navigating Cancer. 

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