New film seeks to raise funds and awareness for breast cancer research

Steven Bernstein has already been well known in Hollywood as a cinematographer for award-winning films such as "Monster." For his first foray into directing, though, Bernstein decided to tackle a subject that really meant something, leading to the creation of "Decoding Annie Parker." The cast includes extremely talented actors, including Samantha Morton, Helen Hunt, Aaron Paul, Rashida Jones and Maggie Grace. "Decoding Annie Parker" tells the true story of  the first woman in Canada to test positive for BRCA1, a genetic mutation that leads to a high risk for developing breast cancer. Three of Parker's family members lost battles with breast cancer, while she has survived three rounds of it.

With "Decoding Annie Parker," Bernstein establishes the idea of filmanthropy, a model of films that are socially and politically aware and "give back to the people and organizations that inspired them." Local breast cancer support groups can partner with "Decoding Annie Parker" to host film showings in order to raise awareness and start a conversation about the current state of breast cancer and what is being done in the search for a cure.

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