New Study Shows Importance of Early Detection

A recent study published in the journal Cancer found that a staggering number of breast cancer-related deaths are due to a lack of mammograms. While the study was only conducted on a small batch of patients, the findings prove that routine checkups can be extremely important in diagnosing and treating breast cancer.

The study found that among patients between the ages of 40 and 49 at the time of a stage I, II or II invasive breast cancer diagnosis, 77 percent of patients whose cancer was fatal failed to have regular screenings prior to diagnosis. Only 19 percent of women who died from breast cancer had a screening in which a tumor was found.

Early detection of breast cancer can save thousands of lives each year, as tumors found during a screening are more likely to be small and easier to treat. Even if you don't have any pain or symptoms, begin getting regularly screened for breast cancer with self exams in your 20s and mammograms in your 40s. Early detection of breast cancer can also prevent the need for invasive surgeries and other treatments.

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