Employee Left Confused When She Saw What Was Inside A Lost Handbag Found In The Nightclub

What’s on top of your list when you go to a nightclub besides dancing and having a good time?

Food and drinks!

You must have energy to keep the party going, you know – who cares if you’re bloated the next day when you’re having fun with your friends at the club?

PHOTO: Unsplash/Michael Discenza

But choosing what to prioritize between food and drinks, which side are you on when it comes to partying? If you think about it, not everyone can handle a huge amount of alcohol, but there’s always room for food, especially if you’re burning the calories anyway when you’re dancing.

What else do you do when you’re out having fun with friends? Get souvenirs. By definition, a souvenir is something kept as a reminder, so taking photos or posting stories on social media, for example, is an acceptable form of a souvenir.

A TikTok video went viral though because one unidentified woman looked like she planned on taking home souvenirs in the form of, well, a handful of greasy fries.

PHOTO: Unsplash/Samuel Regan-Asante

The TikTok page of ATIK Wrexham, a nightclub in the UK, posted the video, and it’s their most viewed one so far.

The bartender handling the account can be seen explaining how she got ahold of the lost handbag.

“Okay. So someone’s just handed this cute little bag into the bar, so I thought I’d have a little look [and] see if there’s an ID in there or anything like that,” she said.

Switching it to the back-facing camera to peek inside the cute little handbag, instead of seeing the typical wallet and phone in a purse, all you can see are fries.

“WHY WAS THIS IN SOMEONE’S BAG,” the text in all caps said in the video.

Honest question, really. How drunk can one get to remove everything else in a bag just so you can have space for some greasy fries?

Was the owner just hungry? Were they just thinking ahead and putting rations in their bag just so they could dance the night away without having to leave the dance floor? Or was this just some silly drunk shenanigans that had the big potential of making the day of whoever the owner was the moment they recovered from their hangover?

I don’t know much about bar foods, but nightclubs aren’t exactly famous for having a great food menu. But the fries in this place must’ve been that good for the handbag’s owner to grab some and casually put them in her bag.

PHOTO: Unsplash/Adam Wilson

As another TikToker commented, “I suppose that’s one way to hide ur food to eat in the taxi after a night out on the town!”

Let’s just hope that they get the grease and smell out of that cute handbag for future use.

Watch the viral video below.


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