Now I Too am Cancer-Free!

This photo is of me and my sweet “daughter-in-love” (my former daughter-in-law) Jacqui. She truly is my daughter, and now our connection is even stronger because we are both cancer survivors.

Jacqui is a ten-year colon cancer survivor, and I am a breast cancer survivor. Her love and compassion helped me through the fear and shock of being told I had cancer. I was told that I could be the poster woman for mammograms and early detection.

Jacqui was there the day I had my needle biopsy and told me I was fortunate that they had found it, but I felt frightened, not fortunate. Because Jacqui was so positive and reassuring I had to be strong and not fall apart. What an inspiration she has been to me! I felt compelled to write this so that others could see that cancer can affect anyone, and it does. But keeping a positive attitude is important, and having someone who has been there helps so much.

I am blessed to have caught this cancer early, and have had friends tell me they are going to get their mammograms, so my cancer has had a positive impact on other women!

Cancer has changed my life, but possibly for the better because now I know how precious life is and I’m going to “pay it forward” and be there for other woman. I know in my heart there’s a reason I was given this — to be the voice of a survivor and help others through the journey, just as my sweet Jacqui has done for me! I love you Jacqui, thank you for getting me through this!

Eve Mucci
Charlotte, NC

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