NPR Exec Writes Breast Cancer Guide Book

"A Breast Cancer Alphabet" is a new book by breast cancer survivor and NPR executive editor Madhulika Sikka. She was diagnosed with the disease a few years ago and her book seeks to provide an honest take on her breast cancer journey through a helpful guide.

The book documents Sikka's experience as she learned more about the disease. Each letter in the alphabet stands for a component in her breast cancer tale. "J" is for journey, a term that Sikka feels is an overused cliche and she explains why in the book. The letter "Q" stands for quitting, which she wants people to know that it's a natural feeling that many breast cancer patients face at times.

"A Breast Cancer Guide" offers a nontraditional way to think about dealing with the disease. For example, "W" stands for warrior and in an interview with NPR, she explain her thought process behind that part of the book.

"I'm not a warrior. I'm a woman who had breast cancer," Sikka told the source. She revealed that the word didn't fit with her view. "It's not right for a lot of women and that is one thing I did learn by expressing this. I'm not saying that there aren't days when you are feeling like that, but it doesn't have to be the whole of it."

Overall, this book can be helpful for women who want to explore the firsthand account of another survivor.

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