Thanks to Facebook, This Man Is Reuniting With The Nurse Who Healed Him 40 Years Ago!

Daily Mail

Thanks to the incredible power of social media, Gary Bentley was recently reunited with the nurse who took care of him after open heart surgery more than 40 years ago.

Gary was 10 years old when he checked into the hospital, but he wasn’t just physically weak. He was emotionally battered as well. The state had just removed Gary and his six siblings from the home of their alcoholic, abusive father and put them in foster care.

According to Gary, Kathy’s kindness in his time of pain made a “huge impact” on his life, and he never forgot her. But after he was discharged, the two lost touch.

That is until Gary and his wife stumbled upon a 40-year-old photo of Gary and Kathy and were inspired to track her down.

Find out how a miraculous social media campaign brought Gary and Kathy together, and see the emotional footage from their reunion!

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