Oh Yeah Baby!

My 30th birthday theme was “P for Pregnant.” I attended my party with my baby scan on my tummy, announcing that I was pregnant. Never in my life did I think I would undergo the biggest challenge of my life just six months later.

We were living in London when I gave birth to our first son Will. I struggled with breast feeding and didn’t produce any milk. Three weeks after his birth, I notice a lump on my left breast. I was so scared, I stalled for a few weeks to get it checked. When I finally went to the doctor they assured me it was just a blocked milk duct. I requested a mammagram but in London they do not allow these until age 50.

My husband lost his mother, grandmother and aunties to breast cancer. To find out his wife may possibly have the same disease was devastating. He did not believe the doctor’s theory and booked me into a private hospital to have the tests done. We had to pay 3000 pounds but it saved my life. I was alone when I found out I had breast cancer. I cried and cried.

That weekend we packed up our life and headed home to Australia. I had a double mastectomy shortly afterward and underwent reconstructive surgery a year later. Our baby’s first year was a whirlwind!
Four years later I began taking karate lessons. This gave me the mind strength to do everything I wanted. I am now a purple belt. I continue to struggle with fitness but I’m never giving in. This year marks my tenth anniversary of being cancer-free. I’m getting a tattoo to celebrate — a pink karate belt with the name ‘Will’ written on it. Oh yeah baby!!!!

Rachel Angus
Sydney, Australia

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