Old Disappointments, New Hope!

When I was diagnosed at age 47, my husband of 22 years was having an affair. Sadly, he could not determine where his loyalty lay. With two teenagers, I hoped he would choose his family, but eventually he chose his new life and I had to find support elsewhere after my mastectomy.

It’s so important for the spouses of those battling breast cancer to put their differences aside and support their partners. This disease changes your life forever, and my initial journey would have been much easier with my husband by my side.

By the time I received my second diagnosis, I had a wonderful support group of friends who are there for me and intuitively know what I need to maintain my warrior attitude. I am so grateful for their love and support and will never forget their kindness.

I don’t know why God dealt me the breast cancer card, but I do know that if just one person who is considering leaving a spouse with breast cancer reads this and changes their mind, I’ll have made a huge difference.

Guilford, CT

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