This Delightful Song by Donnalou Stevens Should Be the Anthem for Women Everywhere!

There is so much emphasis and pressure to look young and beautiful your whole life, especially if you’re a woman.

Got a turkey-neck? Jiggly thighs? How about gray hair? We know we’re all heading toward these so-called “ugly” characteristics as we age, and it seems society couldn’t be more disgusted with that fact.

But forget that! It’s time to embrace who you are right now!

This fantastic song by Donnalou Stevens shows women that they’re more than just the way they look. We’re valuable for all sorts of amazing things beyond our looks.

And who said those looks were bad anyway? Perhaps it’s time we learned to love our sagging skin!

Check out the talented and gorgeous ladies in the video below and get inspired to tell the rest of the world that you’re not listening to all the nasty things it tries to tell you about yourself.

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