Dying Mom Attends Daughter’s Wedding

On November 1st, Brittney Spencer was just nine days away from her wedding when doctors informed her that her mother, Christina, who was in Utah Valley Hospital dying of breast cancer, wouldn’t make it that long.

Christina was rediagnosed with breast cancer in March of this year, and this time, it had metastasized, which meant it was incurable and would eventually kill her. In late October, her health began to go downhill rapidly. She was determined to make it to Brittney’s November 10th wedding, but things weren’t looking good for her.

“To know that she literally waited for me is crazy,” said Brittney.

Photo: FOX 13 Now

Brittney, although devastated, was insistent on enabling her mother to attend her wedding. Even if it meant moving both the date and location of the event and changing most of the other details as well. It was one of Christina’s dreams to see all of her kids married and know that they’d found true love, and Brittney was not about to take that away from her.

“She fought hard to do the one thing she wanted the most and that is she wanted to see all her children get married,” said Brittney.

So Brittney’s family and friends banded together to plan an impromptu wedding, with the help of hospital staff, for Brittney and her fiancé at the hospital where her mother was being cared for. They planned the wedding in just six hours, and Christina was able to be there for the happy occasion.

Photo: FOX 13 Now

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“She literally crawled out of her deathbed to come to my wedding,” said Brittney.

Christina passed away peacefully the following day, just 24 hours after her daughter’s nuptials. Her funeral was held a few days later, the day before the original wedding was planned.

Photo: FOX 13 Now

The next day, the wedding reception went on just as it was supposed to be. Brittney and the rest of the family were upset that Christina had to miss the beautiful party she helped plan, but they were also grateful that she’d gotten to see the main event and died knowing her children had all found their soulmates.

Photo: FOX 13 Now

“We did it in her honor because she’s the one who planned most of it,” said Brittney. “It ended up perfect in every way.”

Brittney hopes her story will encourage people to donate to cancer research so that metastatic breast cancer can one day be cured and no one else will have to deal with the heartbreak that has plagued her family.

Check out the video below to see footage of the beautiful mother-daughter moments at Brittney’s wedding.

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