Operation #christmaschemobrow

A common side effect of radiation and chemotherapy is losing hair. Many women lose their hair and eyebrows from the treatment and choose to use wigs and eyebrow pencils to disguise their hair loss. A U.K. group, the Younger Breast Cancer Network, decided to lose the eyebrow pencils and replace them with Christmas cheer.

The YBCN group is based out of the U.K. and offers support to women in the U.K. and Ireland who are under age 45 and have been diagnosed with breast cancer. According to their Facebook page, the group knows that the holidays can be a difficult time for people with cancer because they may feel disconnected with all the happiness and excitement around them.

The group encouraged members to get creative and make festive eyebrows with items like tinsel and glitter and post their photos to Instagram and Facebook using the hashtag #christmaschemobrow.  Fun versions of the festive look include a woman who painted her face like a reindeer and used a giant carrot for eyebrows. Other posters used ribbons and bows or pencils to draw miniature sleighs for Christmas trees in place of eyebrows. One follower painted each eyebrow-area like a holy leaf and added mistletoe berries to the space between her eyebrows. 

Members of the group offer one another support via the internet and in meet-ups around the U.K.. They share stories and give advice about treatment and doctors and other aspects of the cancer journey. 

The uplifting story and hashtag have made news on Buzzfeed, ABC News and other media outlets.

Participants do not have to have cancer or be undergoing treatment to participate. Simply decorate your eyebrows for the holidays and be sure to add #christmaschemobrow to your post. Check out the other creative photos on Facebook and Instagram​ as well.

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