This Woman’s On A Mission… To Dance Her Heart Out Before Her Big Surgery!

When Deb was about to go under for a double mastectomy, she had only one request: everyone had to have a dance party right before her operation. And from the moment “Get Me Bodied” by Beyoncé started playing, the whole room obliged!

We dare you not to smile throughout this video as Deb and her wonderful staff bust out some moves! They look like they’re having a great time!

The positive energy and wonderful spirit of this brave woman will inspire you to embrace each day as it comes. Remember that there is always time to dance. And even when you don’t think you feel like dancing, it may actually be just the thing you need!

Take a look at the video! (And after that, check out another patient’s pre-op dance party by heading to our post here. I think every patient should have a dance party option prior to surgery. It seems like so much fun!)

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