Bride Asks Organ Donor’s Father To Walk Her Down The Aisle

Dianna Donnarumma might not be a name you know but this woman, from Buffalo, New York, may just be someone that you never forget.

She was dying due to an autonomic dysfunction but received a transplant and her life was saved.

Heather, the donor, had passed away in 2017 in a car accident. She was about to be married to her fiancé, but just days before the wedding, that accident cut her life short.

Photo: Unsplash/nikki gibson

After passing away, Heather’s organs were used in various transplants. This included Dianna, who reached out to the donor’s family and made an unusual request. The request itself went through the transplant center and Heather’s father, Daniel, accepted the letter.

They were able to speak on the telephone and eventually meet in Illinois. Daniel lives in Illinois, and he told Dianna about his daughter.

Photo: YouTube/Inside Edition

One of the things that struck her was that he was not able to walk his daughter down the aisle. That is when she asked him if he would walk her down the aisle when the wedding day came.

When Daniel saw Dianna in a wedding dress, he broke down in tears. He was then able to walk her partway down the aisle and eventually, hand her off to her biological father, Glenn.

Photo: YouTube/Inside Edition

Dianna admits that she started crying the moment she saw him crying. She said to Insider Edition: “He misses Heather so much and struggles with the pain of her absence. He said he was honored to walk me down the aisle and is so happy to have another daughter now.

“I hope people can realize the power of organ donation. Without Heather’s decision, I would not be here today,” she added.

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