Organization Offers Fly Fishing Retreats to Women Affected by Breast Cancer

Many breast cancer survivors used support groups, like Casting for Recovery, to be uplifted throughout their journeys. This organization offers fly fishing retreats to women who have been affected by the disease. It was started in Manchester, Vt., by breast cancer reconstructive surgeon Dr. Benita Walton and professional fly fisher Gwenn Bogart.

In 2010, the organization expanded to Florida when Lily Renzetti – owner of a fly fishing equipment company – saw the work being achieved at Casting for Recovery. According to, she was recently one of the people recognized in the 2013 Central Florida Humanitarian Awards.

"The whole concept is so beautiful," Renzetti told the source. "It's magic, what happens on those Casting for Recovery weekends."

The retreats include counseling sessions and educational services by professionals. Casting for recovery takes donations to help provide these healing tools at no expense to the women who need them. There are partner groups located in Canada, the United Kingdom and New Zealand.

Even though retreats aren't offered in all 50 states, there are upcoming outings in many locations including Hawaii, Alabama, Virginia, Arizona, Idaho and Georgia.

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