Organizations Provide Financial Relief to Breast Cancer Patients

Breast cancer can have a profound financial effect on not only those diagnosed, but also their families. Often, women who are diagnosed with the disease undergo a lumpectomy or mastectomy surgery to have the lump or their breast removed and stop the cancer from spreading. 

Other times, if the illness has already spread, doctors must perform other operations, and the costs of these procedures, as well as chemotherapy and radiation, if prescribed, can put a financial burden on patients' shoulders that they don't need.

Chemotherapy and other treatments can cost thousands of dollars each month. Cancer patients pay, on average, more than $700 a month on health-care related costs even with health insurance, The Post and Courier reported.

Organizations across the country are stepping in to help relieve some of the financial stress families suffer. Share our Suzy in South Carolina is helping families like Becca Edwards' with costs that aren't associated with treatment, such as utility and cell phone bills. In addition to reimbursements, The Post and Courier reported that the group sometimes gives gift cards for gas and groceries.

According to Tulsa Fox affiliate KOKI, he Breast Cancer Assistance program in Oklahoma helps families pay their housing costs and basic needs.

Founder Angie Walters said that when they can take some of the focus off of meeting a family's basic needs, cancer patients are better able to focus on themselves and getting better.

Organizations like these are present across the country and are helping families find relief from some of the financial burdens they accumulate from breast cancer treatment.

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