Pajama Party to Benefit Breast Cancer Nonprofit

Maimah Karmo was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2006 when she was only 32-years-old. She was a healthy single mom at the time, with a 3-year-old daughter and no family history of the disease. Fortunately, Karmo beat cancer and her experience motivated her to take action and help other women. She founded the Tigerlily Foundation, a nonprofit dedicated to education, research funding and aid. 

Karmo's daughter Noelle is now 11-years-old and she's just as active as her mom. She wanted to host a pajama party in which attendees had a great time and supported breast cancer efforts. In 2013, Noelle's dream came true and the Tigerlily Foundation hosted the first annual Pajama Glam Party in Washington D.C. The 2014 event in D.C. already occurred in March, but Noelle's vision has spread to Brooklyn, New York City, and the bash will take place at the New York Marriott on the Brooklyn Bridge in May. 

According to the Daily News, the party features Zumba classes, makeup stations, a juice bar, pillow fights and treats. Attendees are encouraged to wear pink, red or purple in support of woman with breast cancer. Additionally, the event is designed for mothers and daughters and will help them start a conversation about the disease. 

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