Redditors Have Nothing But Kind Words And Support For Cancer-Free Mom

Reddit user Speedoffastness posted this lovely sentiment along with a photo after learning their mom had been given a clean bill of health: “A year ago this month, she was diagnosed with breast cancer. After losing both breasts [and] all of her hair and 6 months of chemo, today is her last chemo treatment, and she is cancer free! She has gone through it all with a smile, but THIS smile is the most beautiful of them all.”

The Reddit world was touched by this woman’s strength and the love of her family, and so many people responded with similar stories and words of support and understanding. There will always be haters in online forums, of course, but we just couldn’t help but share the beautiful responses of those who happily shared in the joy of this lovely family!

If you have cancer or know someone who does, these beautiful words are sure to brighten your day! Here are just a few of the kind things they said.

(NOTE: Some comments have been edited for length or clarity.)

Photo: Adobe Stock/Rido
Photo: Adobe Stock/Rido

Here’s a hug.

“I want you to send a hug and congratulations to your mom from me, tyrandan2. My own mom passed away a couple months ago after battling breast cancer for almost a year. It’s been hard, real hard, but it’s given me a new appreciation of life and perspective on the people who fight and win against this terrible disease. Your mom’s a hero; don’t ever let her forget that.” —Reddit user tyrandan2

A word about strength.

“Cancer patients are some of the toughest people in the world. They get hit with so much shit and keep going. I learned a lot from my mother about fighting a battle when she said, ‘What else am I gonna do? Give up? What would that get me?’ Everyone in your family is stronger for going through this together. It’s also reassuring to know that her strength was passed on to you. You have that same tenacity that she does. It might not be apparent now, but when you’re faced with something you think is bigger that you, that part you got from her won’t let you give up.” —Reddit user Dantron94

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Photo: Adobe Stock/De Visu
Photo: Adobe Stock/De Visu

Thanks for posting this.

“As a guy who lost his mother to cancer at the age of three, this story brightens my day. It’s nice to hear about happy endings sometimes.” —Reddit user weliketobass


“Congrats to your mom on her last treatment! My mom is recovering from a double mastectomy after her diagnosis a month ago, so I enjoy seeing posts like this.” —Reddit user ab_intra

Photo: Adobe Stock/EmeraldRaindrops
Photo: Adobe Stock/EmeraldRaindrops

Stay strong.

“I lost my step-mother last year to breast cancer. I know how it feels to be a family member of someone going through this. I am glad your mother is cancer-free. Stay strong.” —Reddit user dondillon

A word from a stranger.

“Your mother is beautiful. My grandmother had a similar experience with breast cancer, and it was very hard. Tell her a stranger on the internet said congrats!” —Reddit user FrenziedNarwhal

Photo: Adobe Stock/Africa Studio
Photo: Adobe Stock/Africa Studio

Thanks for the smile!

“Tell her that her smile made me smile! I am a med student, [and] stuff like this makes me remember why I went into medicine and forget about the the impossible exams ahead of me!” —Reddit user Anarox

There is hope and beauty left in the world. We’d like to thank the lovely Reddit contributors who have reminded us of that and restored our faith in humanity.

Do you have any kind words to share for those going through cancer and their family members? Did these people’s responses touch you in a special way? We’d love to hear what you have to say.

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