What A Fun Way To Inform Women! Paula Abdul Is Spreading Breast Cancer Awareness Through A New Pop Song!

This one is an informative one but also a fun one! The Avon Foundation For Women has partnered with Paula Abdul to promote self-checks for breast cancer via a catchy new pop song titled “Check Yourself.”

And we think it’s not only cute but also pretty motivating and a good reminder.

Their goal is to empower women to do three things: know your risks, know your body, and talk to your doctor. The lyrics both inform women and empower them to be aware of their bodies.

Perhaps they’ll also get stuck in your head to remind you to check yourself for lumps when you’ve got the time.

This project has a special spot in Paula’s heart, as her sister Wendy was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2000. She has been a huge inspiration to the famous pop star, and we’re so happy that Paula was able to be involved n Avon’s project. She’s stunning in this video!

Take a look at this high-energy video and get inspired. What a fun way to raise awareness! Check yourselves, ladies!

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