Pennsylvania Residents to Knock Breast Cancer Out of the Park

The Pennsylvania Breast Cancer Coalition hosts a baseball event every year to raise money for the organization. The seventh annual Take a Swing Against Breast Cancer home run derby is scheduled to take place in the months of June and August at three different locations. The first derby will be held on June 10, followed by one on June 21 and another on August 23. 

Batters who participate in the derby will step up to home plate and swing at balls thrown by a machine. Participants also raise money beforehand and donate it to the PBCC. The organization uses the money for its various programs, such as its educational conference and the sending of care packages to breast cancer patients. 

In the past, families have come out to the derby, hit a few baseballs and eaten hot dogs. The event not only raises money, but awareness for breast cancer programs. Batters get a T-shirt and pink sunglasses for coming out, items they can wear to spread the word about the PBCC.

The event is also important to breast cancer survivors who feel love and support from their community as a result. Participants must raise at least $25 but are encouraged to do even more.

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