Pharmaceutical Treatment in the Works to Stop the Spread of Breast Cancer

Researchers from Cardiff University in Wales are working on a pharmaceutical drug that may stop the progression of breast cancer. While many people are surviving their breast cancer diagnoses these days, the deaths associated with the disease are often caused by a process known as metastasis. This describes the act of breast cancer spreading to vital organs. However, now a pharmaceutical drug is in the works to stop that from occurring.

A potential breast cancer-causing gene called BcI3 has been identified in the past.

"We showed that suppressing this gene reduced the spread of cancer by more than 80 percent," Dr. Richard Clarkson, study author from Cardiff University's European Cancer Stem Cell Research Institute, said in a statement.

Dr. Clarkson and other researchers used a computer-aided model to learn where and how they could administer a pharmaceutical to target the gene. The chemical compound that worked was found to be successful in their trials with mice. These findings were published in the Breast Cancer Research journal.

Human clinical trials are the next step in the process to bring the pharmaceutical treatment option to market. The researchers have secured backing by United Kingdom-based company Tiziana Pharmaceuticals to fund the endeavor.

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