This Woman with Breast Cancer Took Photos of Herself for a Year. See the Transformation!

YouTube user Life After Chemo has dedicated her YouTube channel to documenting her experience with breast cancer. She was diagnosed just before her 40th birthday and has had a long difficult path to walk since then.

In the video below, she describes the changes she saw in herself during each phase in her treatment and shows us photos of her progress. In just a year, she undergoes a lumpectomy, an operation to clear the margins, chemotherapy, and a mastectomy with immediate reconstruction. During this time, she documents the changes in the way she felt and looked.

Some of the most noticeable changes occur in this woman’s hair. She shaves it all off when first beginning chemotherapy treatment, wears a wig for a while, and then ditches the wig and watches her hair’s progress as it grows longer and regains its sheen. At first, it is course and curly; then the top begins to get softer, and eventually her whole head is covered in shiny healthy hair. She claims her plant-based diet after chemo has played a big role in the way her hair and skin have recovered after treatment.

Check out the video to see this stunning transformation for yourself.

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