4 Physiotherapy Techniques That You Need to Know About If You’ve Had a Mastectomy

After a mastectomy, it’s very common for muscles in your chest to become tight, which can result in pain and limited mobility. To help combat this common side effect (and others, like lymphedema), breast cancer survivor Laura Murton turned to physiotherapy.

This video features four ways that a physiotherapist can help you recover after a mastectomy while improving strength, mobility, and flexibility. The first is myofacial release, which is a very simple exercise that relieves some of the tightness in the chest area. Second, Murton will teach you to use leukotape to prolong the benefits of the myofacial release. Third, using a thera-band can help you increase the mobility and strength of your arms and stretch out your chest. And lastly, a lymphedema compression sleeve can help keep your limbs from swelling during physical activity.

Murton recommends finding a physiotherapist who specializes in breast cancer or just cancer surgery recovery in general. Your physiotherapist can also teach someone—like a close friend or family member—how to help you complete these exercises at home.

To learn more about how each of these 4 physiotherapy techniques and tools work, check out the video below!

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