Mastectomy Patients Can Feel More Comfortable With This Easy-To-Make Pillow

Sometimes we come across a project that’s truly special; a project that not only helps someone going through a tough time, but also send a message of love and support. Such is the case with this Helping Heart Mastectomy Breast Cancer Heart-Shaped pillow.

In the following tutorial, Laura from SewVeryEasy shows us how to make this quick and easy pillow that helps those who’ve recently undergone a mastectomy feel more comfortable.

Photo: YouTube/SewVeryEasy

“[It] is designed for someone who’s had to have surgery in the breast area, and it’s designed to take pressure off of that sensitive area,” Laura says.

The pillow can be supportive in two main ways.

“It’s made so that it can be worn under the arm, so that there’s no pressure in that sensitive area,” Laura continues. “The other way it can be worn is on an angle, and that way, when a seatbelt is coming across, it rests on the pillow.”

Photo: YouTube/SewVeryEasy

In addition to the video tutorial, she included a free pattern, which you can find here.

It’s a unique and original way way to show your support for anyone battling breast cancer, and can be so helpful.

Plus, they’re very quick to make!

Check out the tutorial below and give it a try.

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