This Pink Arrow Is Pointing Toward Hope!

With a population of 3,859, Lowell, Michigan isn’t necessarily on the national radar, at least not for sheer size. What this small West Michigan town IS on the radar for is hope. And it started with their high school team: the Lowell Red Arrows.


In 2008, Lowell High School football coach Noel Dean introduced the idea that his student athletes could inspire the community to fight cancer. He required his team to suit up in pink jerseys. The crowd gathered, pink shirts ready, pink thundersticks in their hands. Support skyrocketed, and it has been doing so since.

The event came to be known as Pink Arrow Pride, and not only does it bring a community together; it fights cancer. It honors those who have fought and won. It remembers those who have fought and lost. And it does so for all types of cancer. One special way the football team still contributes to the event — outside of wearing pink jerseys, that is — is that each student athlete wears the name of someone who has battled cancer, or who is currently battling cancer.


Each year, the event raises money that goes to charities determined to research and provide supplies — by the third year of Pink Arrow Pride, the event and all of its sales were able to raise $700,000. Fast forward to 2015 and the event wasn’t secluded to just a football game. No, Pink Arrow Pride has evolved: the Lowell soccer team and the Lowell basketball team both hold “Pink Out” events that contribute to the same cause.

To get a better sense of Pink Arrow Pride and its effect on the Lowell community, check out this video:

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