P!nk Couldn’t Care Less…

P!nk has grown up, gotten married, and had a kid all while under the public’s unwavering gaze. When she recently attended a cancer benefit to support a friend, however, the internet seemed more concerned about P!nk’s extra pounds than the reason she attended the event at all.

When haters started to spew their vitriol, P!nk shut them down with elegance, poise, and honesty, all traits that we think are beautiful in any woman!

P!nk even shared how her body shapes her relationship with her family.

And here’s what her husband thinks of her figure.

P!nk sets an amazing example for everyone to remember that they need to love their body no matter what. Whether it’s baby fat or chemo that changes the way you look, love yourself for who you are and don’t let haters that don’t care about you bring you down!

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