QUIZ: Which Companies Take Advantage of Breast Cancer?

Every October, we see it: products branded with pink ribbons or color schemes that claim to be “supporting the cause” or “raising awareness.” But did you know the presence of a pink ribbon on merchandise does not guarantee a portion of the proceeds will go to breast cancer research or charities?

The imagery of breast cancer’s pink ribbon is not trademarked, which means any company can use it for whatever they wish. This means every October, countless companies use “breast cancer awareness” as a marketing ploy to sell pink products.

Some companies will make a flat donation regardless of how much or little the product sells. Others will donate a portion of the proceeds of pink ribbon merchandise sales up to a certain dollar amount while keeping the public in the dark about the overall progress towards that goal. Some companies splash pink and the pink ribbon on products and then donate nothing at all.

Pink breast cancer awareness ribbon bow women's issues charity symbol on black background.

This is unacceptable. Things need to change. Changing how companies view and interact with breast cancer, however, begins with education.

Take the quiz below to uncover how some companies disperse profits from their pink ribbon products. How to take the quiz is simple: with each question, you’ll be given three multiple choice options: A) Donation per purchase, B) Set donation, or C) Awareness only. Select which you think is the best answer, and you’ll be given more information regarding the company and/or product displayed.

Enjoy, and good luck!

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We hope that you enjoyed the quiz! Unfortunately, while the journey to progress starts with education, it must continue by taking action.

As you now know, something clearly needs to change. When people purchase pink ribbon products, breast cancer charities and research should benefit. Selling pink ribbon merchandise solely to “raise awareness” should not be acceptable business practice. We are long past the need for awareness alone.

What we really need is action to end this devastating disease forever, and that can’t be done without proper funding of the groups on breast cancer’s frontlines.

You can help make this right. Find out how below.

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