The Culture Of Healing After A Mastectomy Is Changing, One Tattoo At A Time! Check Out Molly’s New Ink!

Molly Ortwein was living a healthy and active lifestyle when she was diagnosed with breast cancer; she was eating organically, biking, running, swimming. She was shocked by her diagnosis, and had only a short time to grapple with its ramifications. Ten days after her diagnosis, she had a double mastectomy.

Now Molly is taking control of her scars, by getting a custom tattoo design along the sides of both breasts. “I’m getting this tattoo to just have something else instead of these big scars staring at me, because it is a daily reminder — which is cool. It’s just not that pretty.”

During the time of her reconstruction, Molly didn’t believe there were any resources available for women who wanted to do something different with their reconstruction. So the idea of Personal Ink ( was born. The program links breast cancer survivors with tattoo artists who are willing to help, and they host an event every year called Day where women who want mastectomy tattoos can get them done! The event is held on or around October 10th, during Breast Cancer Awareness Month.

Watch the video to see Molly’s journey and learn more about!

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