Adorable “Pinterest Grandpa” Spends All Day Decorating the House for New Baby Granddaughter

Why do grandparents often get along better with their grandchildren than their own children? Quite a mystery for many.

But then, it must have something to do with the wisdom that life has bestowed on them as many years pass by.

Photo: Flickr/Remus Pereni

Grandchildren also tend to remind them of their own childhood, when they could laugh freely, play energetically, and dream as high as the sky. Kids help grandparents to connect with the child inside of them, who has been buried away by mounting responsibilities, social pressures, everyday problems, and worries.

Aging gives the elderly time to look back and realize what really matters after all their years of endeavor and sacrifice. Some of them pray to be given a second chance to fulfill what they have missed all along. Others walk forward in an effort to make a difference while they still have time left in their hands.

Photo: Pixahive/Kaarma

In honor of all these grandparents, Jacob Reingold of the now-historic Hebrew Home at Riverdale deemed it proper that a day be dedicated for these true pillars of the great American society. He obtained this inspiration while attending the White House Conference on Aging in 1961.

Photo: YouTube/RiverSpring Living

In that same year, September 16, they celebrated Grandparents’ Day at the Hebrew Home at Riverdale, and it became a local holiday in the Bronx after two years. Reingold was later joined by Marian McQuade, a citizen of West Virginia, who succeeded in having their governor proclaim a Grandparents’ Day in the state.

Then, in 1978, Congress passed a resolution for the celebration of National Grandparents’ Day every first Sunday after Labor Day. President Jimmy Carter, after a few days, also issued a proclamation to support the annual remembrance of the country’s senior citizens, who cherish the children who will inherit the bright future they have been endeavoring to build.

Cherish. If any quote will so aptly describe a grandparent’s love, Billy Crystal says it best:

“I’m going to be your grandpa!
I have the biggest smile.
I’ve been waiting to meet you
For such a long, long while.”

Photo: TikTok/Some Good News

And it is heart-warming to note that this first-time grandpa worked so hard in the same love and spirit to prepare for his granddaughter’s homecoming. He decorated the house and the baby’s room with adorable art pieces that were made by his own hands.

And even though it was raining, he went on beautifying their surroundings with more DIY decor and flowering plants. There were also Reese’s candies and other sweet stuff to further liven up the day!

How can anyone in this world not appreciate a grandparent’s love?

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Written by Doris De Luna

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