Basketball Player Saves Referee’s Life During Game After He Collapses From Heart Attack

The Toledo Glass City basketball team was playing in a playoff game in Upstate New York when one of the referees suddenly collapsed from a heart attack.

Luckily, one of the players on the team, Myles Copeland, just happened to be a firefighter with the Toledo, Ohio fire department, and quickly jumped into action to save the ref.

Photo: YouTube/Inside Edition

The ref, 61-year-old John Sculli, didn’t have a pulse, nor was he breathing, so Copeland quickly assessed the situation to see what he should do to fix the problem. He did was he was trained to do and instantly began performing CPR.

Copeland continued giving CPR for more than ten minutes, trying to get his heart going again.

Copeland had never traveled with the team before and wasn’t even scheduled to be there.

Photo: YouTube/Inside Edition

“It was just kind of divine timing that I was there in the right place at the right time,” Copeland told WTVG.

Divine timing in addition to Copeland’s quick-thinking and firefighter training and skills is what helped save Sculli’s life.

Eventually, Sculli gained consciousness and started breathing again.

Photo: YouTube/Inside Edition

Sculli was alert and talking by the time paramedics came to take him away on a stretcher to bring him to the hospital for further evaluation and treatment. He ended up having to undergo triple bypass heart surgery and is now recovering well.

“Myles, my heart literally goes out to you, for saving my life” Sculli said from his hospital bed. “You are my hero.”

Hear more of this incredible story in the video below:

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