Pour out another!: Red Wine Prevents Breast Cancer

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By Robin Wulffson MD for eMaxHealth.com

LOS ANGELES, CA – Alcohol consumption is a controversial issue. Most would agree that excessive alcohol intake is harmful; however, moderate alcohol consumption has mixed reviews. Some studies show that moderate consumption might offer some health benefits, especially for the cardiovascular system; other studies show an increased risk for certain cancers with moderate alcohol consumption. For example, a large study comprised of 87,724 postmenopausal women in the fall of 2010 reported that the risk of hormone-sensitive breast cancers increased in proportion to the amount of alcohol consumed per week; women who drank seven or more alcohol beverages had twice the risk of developing breast cancer, compared to never-drinkers.

Countering those gloomy statistics, a new study reported that the consumption of red wine might offer some degree of protection against breast cancer. The results of the study were published online on December 7 in the Journal of Women’s Health.

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