After Battling Infertility And Finally Becoming Pregnant, Ashley Faced Her Next Battle: Cancer

Ashley and Martin Ausbrooks always knew they wanted to have children after they got married. Unfortunately, infertility threw a wrench in their plans and the big decision to start a family did not go as smoothly as they had anticipated.

After trying unsuccessfully to get pregnant on their own, they tried a round of in vitro. It didn’t take. So when they went into their second round, they were both hopeful and nervous about the probability of success. Thankfully, they soon received fabulous news — Ashley was pregnant!

However, 15 weeks into her pregnancy came more unwelcome news: Ashley’s doctor found a lump in her breast. Her doctor hoped it would be something they would just need to monitor, but that wasn’t the case: a biopsy showed that it was breast cancer.

Immediately, saving both Ashley’s life and the baby’s life became everyone’s top concern.

Watch the video to learn more about this determined couple’s battle to stay together and raise the family they always wanted.

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