Promising College Student Beats Breast Cancer

Cradale Waller’s life was a in a good place during his senior year of college: He was voted Mr. Virginia Union University, was accepted into a fraternity and was taking advanced physics courses. He was all set to graduate in May 2013 when he was diagnosed with breast cancer, according to Richmond CBS affiliate WTVR.

“It’s one of those experiences where you think maybe this is all just a dream,” Waller told the source.

Waller noticed that the right side of his chest was sensitive to the touch. After some poking and prodding he discovered that he had a lump. When he pressed the growth, it produced a discharge. The discovery frightened Waller, so he went to the doctor. The appointment proved to be a life-saving decision because the biopsy the doctor took revealed that Waller had early stage breast cancer.

The disease is very rare for men. In fact, only one in 1,000 males will get the disease compared to the one in eight women who will be diagnosed. However, because men seldom develop breast cancer, they don’t pay close attention to their chests. The majority of the men who are diagnosed don’t discover they have the disease until they are about 67 and the cancer is in a late stage.

Fortunately for Waller, his diligence paid off. He underwent treatment and now plans to promote male breast cancer awareness on his campus.

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