Questions to Ask the Doctor After a Breast Cancer Diagnosis

A breast cancer diagnosis can be a hard thing to bare, yet informing oneself of the next steps can help make the future more defined. The BC5 Project is a consortium developed to bring awareness to breast cancer treatment options.

The group consulted with Dr. Peter Beitsch, an oncology surgeon at Medical City Dallas Hospital, who organized a list of questions that led to important conversations a patient should have with his or her doctor.

Which doctors will be handling the care? Patients without any major medical illness may not be familiar with a team of doctors assigned to work in tandem for their care. It's important that the patient know which types of doctors will be on hand to plan treatment.

What are the treatment options? Doctors should explain all types of procedures and medical approaches and what they deem the best fit for the cancer. The positive and negative aspects of the treatment should also be discussed. Additionally, ask doctors how long the treatment and recovery process will last.

Where are the treatment facilities? It's important to know the location of the treatment facilities because they may not all be housed in one hospital. If the service is offered in a far away institution, seek friends, family or a local organization to help provide transportation.

Provide Mammograms

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