This Video Is A Fantastic Resource For Women Facing Radiation Therapy

Christina Newman was diagnosed with triple negative breast cancer at only 34 years old. Initially, she decided to forgo both chemo and radiation, against her doctor’s advice, and opted for alternative, natural treatments. After doing this for several months and seeing her cancer worsen, she switched to a blended approach, keeping up with her natural therapies while also going through radiation, chemo, and a mastectomy.

When establishing her treatment plan, Christina was concerned what radiation therapy would do to her skin. While radiation treatments in and of themselves don’t hurt, they can wreak havoc on the healthy skin cells near your treatment sites. This can make you feel fatigued, and also make the surrounding skin look and feel dry, itchy, raw, or blistered. Learn more about the effects of radiation here.

In the following video, Christina talks you through the products she used to combat these symptoms before her first radiation treatment even started — from what she used in the shower to what she applied immediately after the treatments. Using these methods, her skin didn’t get “raw or pink or weepy” for the first six weeks. After that she did experience some rawness, but the effects were minimal and manageable (and she’ll share tips about what she did to expedite that healing process as well).

Christina sadly passed away on 10/26/2014, but her videos and advice remain on YouTube as a fantastic support for others.

Take a look and let us know what you think! Did any of these products work for you?

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