This Little Girl Gives The Most Adorable Home Tour Ever To Her Grandpa!

I see a future in real estate! You won’t find a more adorable tour guide anywhere.

This little girl is so excited about moving into her new house that she has to show Grandpa!

Only one little problem with this plan: Grandpa is on the phone. He’s not Facetime, or Skype, or any other type of visual call.

But that doesn’t faze this little firecracker one bit…

home tour 2

She has a mission — to show her grandpa everything!

And we mean, everything.

So she races around, showing off the bookcases and the dollhouse (naturally). Then she moves on to the couch and the pillows, exclaiming, “See? There’s pillows!”

And of course, she must show him the fan!

home tour 3

I’m overwhelmed by the cute! I hope she is just as excited when Grandpa actually comes to visit!

My guess is that she takes Grandpa by the hand and leads him around to all the rooms she “showed” him on the phone, asking him, “Remember when I showed you this when you called?”


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