Little Ones Get Their First Taste of Spa Day!

Ahhhhh, spa day.

The smell of essential oils wafting through the air, the soothing music (or blissful silence), the warm water, the relaxing massages.

A time to take a deep breath, shut out the world and let the stresses of life melt away.

Who couldn’t use more of these days?

These 11 tiny cuties have discovered the joys of spa day early. Seeing them experience these cozy moments for the first time is pure delight. They’ve already mastered the art of relaxation, and, in turn, encourage us to take a moment of snug contentment for ourselves.

Watch the video below to see these adorable babies luxuriate in their first taste of spa day. Be sure to watch to the hilarious end, where one tot gets maybe a little too relaxed.

Need another dose of cute babies relaxing? Check out this video that will help you shake off the stresses of life.

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