Breast Cancer Survivor and Twin Sister Make Chemo-Friendly Chocolate Chip Cookies!

Everybody knows that eating healthy isn’t exactly easy, but it’s particularly important to eat well when you’re undergoing a rigorous cancer treatment like chemotherapy. So what are you to do when you haven’t got the time or energy to get important nutrients into your body, especially when you don’t feel like eating healthy things? We’ve got the answer!

Enter Judy and Joy, twin sisters on a mission to conquer cancer with healthy recipes!


Judy and Joy entered a Food Network contest in 2009, which inspired them to create their own cooking channel. When Judy was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2012, they decided to dedicate their time to creating healthy little twists on everyone’s favorite recipes to make them fit for chemo patients and other people who want to eat healthy.

According to the sisters, the keys to this recipe are good organic chocolate and olive oil. Olive oil is an antioxidant with polyphenols, making it not only a healthier chocolate chip cookie recipe but also chemo-friendly.

Check out the video below to learn more about making chocolate chip cookies that are both healthy and delicious!

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